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Other Physicians

Vishaal Veerula MD - Integrative Physician

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Vishaal Veerula MD is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician and also Board Certified in Integrative Medicine, with several years working as a Hospitalist. He also serves as a Hospice Physician and Medical Director for various Skilled Nursing Facilities. Dr Veerula is also a Board Certified in Integrative and Holistic Medicines. His credentialing makes him uniquely qualified to truly integrate both conventional and natural medicines

His multi-disciplinary approach offers comprehensive health care for the entire family that treats patients, not disease. Integrating conventional and natural medicines allows us to treat the whole person by addressing other factors like nutrition, stress, exercise, genetics, environment, lifestyle and other factors.

GR Veerula MD - Integrative Pediatrician

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Dr. Vindhya Veerula also works with her father, Dr. GR Veerula, an Integrative and Board-Certified Pediatrician.

GR Veerula MD graduated in 1979 from the Institute of Medical Sciences, Osmania University-Hyderabad in Southern India. After practicing briefly in India and Jamaica, W.I., he completed his pediatric residency in Galveston, Texas. Soon after he started his practice in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1995, and has been serving the local Fort Wayne community ever since. In early 2014, he became certified in holistic & integrative medicine. 

GR Veerula MD specializes in Integrative Medicine and Holistic Pediatrics, with a special focus on Autism, Lactation Consultation, and Wellness changes. 
He also performs laser frenulectomy for tongue-tied conditions at a separate rate, with dramatic improvement in speech, digestion, and overall health in children and young adults.