ProFractional laser treatment dramatically rejuvenates skin.

Just as we aerate our lawns to grow thick, healthy grass, a Profractional Laser (manufactured by Sciton, a leader in laser technology) uses a similar concept to “aerate” or thicken your tissue and stimulate natural collagen growth. Profractional creates microspherical channels that stimulate the production of new collagen. After a ProFractional treatment, you will immediately begin to experience tighter and rejuvenated skin. Because a large portion of the skin is left intact, healing time is much faster than other ablative laser treatments. We are able to perform ProFractional laser treatments with very little discomfort, and we can vary the depth to fit your schedule for downtime. We often combine our ProFractional treatments with BBL and Microlaser Peels for even greater results and improvement in skin discoloration and texture.

Benefits of ProFractional Laser:


The ProFractional laser can overcome subtle imperfections of the skin. This includes reduction or elimination of acne scares, skin pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, acne, texture and tone of the skin, evens out skin discoloration, the effects of sun damage.


By creating tiny channels in your skin, the laser stimulates your skin and forces it to create new collagen. During the healing process, the body also ramps up its production of elastin. These two compounds are responsible for a youthful appearance.