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What is it?

Ultherapy is a non-invasive treatment that stimulates the production of your body’s own collagen and elastin for natural-looking results without surgery. Ultherapy® uses micro-focused ultrasound to generate a thermal effect under the skin. This effect essentially jump-starts your body’s own process to create fresh, new collagen.

Individuals who have mild to moderate skin laxity are candidates. This treatment is a great non-surgical alternative to a face lift.

Where can I be treated?

Ultherapy® lifts -- the neck, chin, and brow
Ultherapy® improves lines and wrinkles on the décolletage / upper chest

How long does it last?

Since the procedure stimulates a person’s own collagen production, the length of results is different for each individual. Results appear over the time frame of two to three months, and they can last up to a year or more. Future touch-up treatments can help slow down the aging process, which varies by individual.

NO DOWNTIME with this treatment.


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