Dr. Vishaal Veerula

About Vishaal Veerula MD - Integrative Physician

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Vishaal Veerula MD also works with her father, Dr. GR Veerula, an Integrative and Board-Certified Pediatrician.

Vishaal Veerula MD is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician, with several years working as a Hospitalist. He also serves as a Hospice Physician and Medical Director for various Skilled Nursing Facilities. Dr Veerula is also a Board Certified in Integrative and Holistic Medicines. His credentialing makes him uniquely qualified to truly integrate both conventional and natural medicines.
His multi-disciplinary approach offers comprehensive health care for the entire family that treats patients, not disease. Integrating conventional and natural medicines allows us to treat the whole person by addressing other factors like nutrition, stress, exercise, genetics, environment, lifestyle and other factors.