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"Changing your lifestyle to become healthy can be overwhelming at times. Dr. V breaks everything down so nicely into small, digestible pieces of information! Learning one tip a day is easy to incorporate into my life, and the explanations are easy to understand yet eye-opening. It's these small changes that can make a huge difference. When Dr. V teaches, I get peace of mind knowing I'm learning from a true expert. I trust her every word!"

Sabina Sheikh MD

"Dr. V: Your daily radiate and glow tips on social media are some of the best personal outreach I have seen from the medical profession. Aside from your incredibly approachable aura, you make healthy living seem like something that people can work into their lives bit by bit - this makes the transition to a more holistic way of life more attainable and less daunting. Like most people I am not generally aware of the ins and outs of holistic living/wellness practices, tips, and tricks... and you present the subject matter in a easily understood and exceedingly positive way. I would love to see more about plant based nutrition, as I know you have so much personal experience with that! Recipes, shakes, types of foods for ultimate wellness...anything helps! Keep up the great work! Best, Kevin"


"You and your videos are the cutest! I've been using some of your tips - like inversions, turmeric powder, the matcha green tea face mask - and I'm loving the results!!  For as long as I've known you, I've felt nothing but light and warm energy emanate from you, and I can't wait to continue learning from you! Miss you Dr. V

Aarti Gaglani MD Arizona

"Thank you so much for sharing your tips! I enjoy reading and watching everything you have to say. You are inspirational. I am trying to live a more healthy life because of your light and radiance updates and posts!"

Samantha Indiana

"Loving the tips!! The information is valuable and to the point. My patients are always asking me for tips such as these natural remedies and I am glad I have a source! Thank you!!!"

Dr. M Aouthmany Santa Monica, California