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Acne Triggers 101

Let’s talk acne!!!!!!! As a dermatologist, I sure do see and treat acne multiple times EVERYDAY. Each patient is UNIQUE, and I’m always grateful to share in each person’s journey. Acne is one of the MOST COMMON SKIN CONDITIONS, affecting almost 50 MILLION Americans. It often leads to significant emotional and psychological distress, as it can cause permanent scarring and contribute to poor self image, depression and anxiety! Believe it or not, it does NOT afflict just teens and young adults!! Male and women after age 30 can suffer from acne as well. I LOVE treating acne, because its so multifaceted!!! 

In this post, I wanted to highlight some of the #common #triggers of acne. Of course, this list is INCOMPLETE and does not take the place of an indepth visit. Furthermore, not each person is affected by all of the following triggers!

READY!? Let’s Dive in!!! 

Hormones: increased androgens, whether from puberty or a hormonal imbalance can trigger acne. Some forms of birth control (AHEM Mirena IUDs) can trigger acne. If you have increased hair growth (hirsutism) or irregular periods, you may have an underlying hormonal condition that should be addressed. 

Nutrition: Now this is a big one!! In some individuals, dairy can be a HUGE trigger, as can highly processed foods and increased sugar consumption. Try to increase your consumption of fresh fruits and veggies! In some athletes, high whey intake can trigger cystic acne. Although I do love my supplements, too much B12 or B6 can cause acne breakouts!

Hygiene: Acne hygiene is KEY. We frequently transfer dirt onto our skin and clog our pores from dirty phones, hands and pillowcases. Forgetting to wash your face (especially after working out) often leads to acne breakouts. 

Stress: Studying for exams or finals is stressful. Often many flares occur during finals or after stressful events. Poor sleep and being too much on the go can also lead to acne flares.

Now that I’ve covered some of the big triggers, I do want to make sure to share that we have several new and cutting edge treatments for acne, along with several tried and true workhorses. If you suffer from acne, please come in! I’d love to show you new treatments and help you gain control of your skin again!!!!

Much Love, Dr.V

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