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The Glow Blow By Dr. V


First off, if you struggle with finding the perfect moisturizer then read on! Here we dive in to the difference between Humectants, Occlusives & Emollients. We share what is what, and how to choose the right moisturizer for you?

Humectants — attract in moisturizer ** hint. Hint, Dermal repair cream. They are water loving ingredients that PULL in and hold on to water. Think of it as a magnet for water. Examples are glycerin & hyaluronic acid & honey. One of our absolute favorites is the Dermal Repair Cream from Sente! It hydrates from the inside out

Natural occurring humectants are called Natural Moisturizing Factor. Examples are lactic acid, urea.

Emollients — smooth skin and fill in the skin. Emollients feel amazing on the skin. They work to fill in areas lacking moisture and make your skin feel soft and smooth. Oils, vitamin E, argan, and thicker balms, like Avene Xeracalm or Lipitkar Balm are great options.

Occlusives — seals in moisture to prevent water loss. If your skin barrier is impaired, occlusive are heavy and thick and form a water resistant physical barrier over your skin to keep in moisture. Examples include petrolatum, butters, waxes, honey.

If you have acne-prone skin, it depends on if you are oily or also dry. Often, occlusives are avoided as it can trap in contaminants on the skin. Humectants or emollients are preferred. The best moisturizer for you is one that addresses YOUR skin’s needs. Often they contain a mix of these ingredients. Come see us if you are ready to get your custom-tailored routine!

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